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7 Unique Ways To Get Rid Of Sore Throat Fast at-Home

Sore throat happens when your tonsils or the back of your throat get inflamed, usually because of infection. Most sore throats go away on their own, but you can take steps to ease symptoms and prevent complications such as ear infections, sinus infections, or other health issues related to an inflamed throat. One of the most effective ways to treat sore throat at home involves using natural home remedies that can help soothe an irritated throat and ease the pain it causes. Here are seven effective ways to relieve painful sore throat at home!

7 Unique Ways To Get Rid Of Sore Throat Fast at-Home

1) Ginger

Researchers have found that ginger root extract can reduce throat pain and fever associated with sore throats. Add two grams of powdered ginger to two cups of water and boil for 10 minutes. Strain it into a mug, add honey as sweetener and lemon juice as a flavoring agent. Drink several cups throughout each day until your sore throat is gone. Alternatively, you can also make a tea by boiling one tablespoon of chopped ginger in two cups of water for 20 minutes; strain into a mug and add lemon juice or honey as sweetener.

2) Honey

Honey is anti-inflammatory and has natural antibiotic properties. It’s also good for soothing sore throats; though, it’s important not to feed infants honey, as their immune systems are not yet developed enough to handle its effects.  Before taking a spoonful of honey yourself, heat it up first and then let it cool slightly so that it isn’t too hot for your throat. The hotter temperatures could burn your mouth tissues when you swallow. Another option is sucking on a cup of hot tea instead—teas like chamomile can help clear out your sinuses while hydrating your body. You can even make your own throat lozenges with honey if you prefer a harder candy over something liquid.

3) Hot Water and Lemon Juice

Add fresh lemon juice in hot water, mix it well and gargle with it. It will soothe your throat and will clear any sort of mucus or phlegm that has accumulated in your throat. Keep repeating till you feel better. The citric acid present in lemon juice will also help in curing sore throat as well as reducing pain, inflammation and swelling. This home remedy for sore throat should be given a try when you have a major headache or even a toothache! Your mouth may smell like lemons after doing so, but hey, it’s worth it! 

3) Hot Water and Lemon Juice

4) Salt Water Gargle

Salt water gargles have been shown to loosen phlegm and break up inflammation in people with sore throats. Mix one tablespoon of salt into 8 ounces of warm water, stir well, and gargle for 10 seconds. Repeat 2 or 3 times a day until symptoms subside. Use caution: If you suffer from high blood pressure, talk with your doctor before using salt water as it may be dangerous for you. Additionally, if your throat is very sore, use caution when gargling as it may hurt more than help.

5) Apple Cider Vinegar & Water

Mix equal parts water and apple cider vinegar in a glass, then gargle. (Note: Dilute ACV with more water if it’s too strong.) Apple cider vinegar helps ease pain and coat your throat, soothing irritated tissue. If you don’t have any of your own lying around, a tablespoon or two of Bragg’s ACV diluted in some warm water will work just fine. Just make sure to keep it out of reach from pets or kids who may be tempted by its delicious smell! That smell comes from acetic acid, which has antibacterial properties. Apple cider vinegar has been used medicinally for years due to its beneficial bacteria, enzymes and high levels of pectin fiber that are naturally good for digestion.

6) Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper has been used as a natural sore throat reliever for years. The spicy herb is rich in capsaicin, an oil that reduces pain, swelling and inflammation by blocking nerve endings responsible for transmitting these sensations. Cayenne can be used in a number of ways, but one of its most common uses is gargling with water and cayenne powder or tea made from cayenne pepper. A teaspoon of cayenne should be enough to soothe your sore throat (preferably put into a small cup rather than directly onto your tongue). Don’t try anything more until you know how hot it really is!

7) Eucalyptus

Steep a few leaves of eucalyptus in boiling water and inhale through a towel. The decongestant will not only help you breathe more easily, but it’ll also reduce inflammation and pain. Eucalyptus is especially effective when applied directly on your throat, like a compress or gargle, but steer clear of it if you have epilepsy. Just be sure to avoid adding anything that could irritate your throat such as honey or lemon juice. Either way, be sure to drink plenty of fluids so you don’t get dehydrated! You can even soak your feet in hot water for added relief!



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